January blog post

Hello new readers!

So as its 2017 one of my new resolutions for this year was to share my passion for creativity and all things crafty especially crochet on the wonderful world of the internet more specifically the huge handmade and craft community on here which I have only recently got into.

So here I go diving into this unknown world and sharing my projects with others and of course drooling over everyone’s projects in return. Creating a ravelry account, a blog, my Instagram account being more crochet related than before, and maybe with the aim of a podcast on YouTube at the end of the year!


Therefore, I plan to blog every month at least putting up my current WIPS and finished crochet projects along with my interest in new projects and aims for that month maybe creative wise. I will hopefully be placing some of my own patterns on here and on ravelry in the future

I think reflecting on last year was quite busy doing my second degree and working part time and many other adult things, while trying to manage other areas of my life meant I didn’t really do a lot of crochet. and for much of last year I had the aim to set up a blog, but I kept getting stuck on that what to write, how to write it I was looking at it from a rather academic view. But instead I’ve just decided to write about what I am passionate about and have a simple structure and routine hopefully this will work!

I felt very much accomplished at the end of 2016 in many areas of my life which then meant 2017 would be a time for me to focus on and enjoy other areas in my life such as the creative side of my mind.

I’ve started a journal for this year which accompanies my usual planner/work diary and I’m loving it already too me it is organised and a lot of creative bits and bobs from my mind get thrown in there, but I assume to others is may look like a jumble of things lists planning’s and badly drown projects haha, but each to their own. This is something I’ve not really done before and I will hopefully do a blog on it later in the year, it’s sort of a bullet journal/creative book.

Another creative aim I have decided to start in 2017 is that all projects which are currently ongoing WILL be completed for 2017 this is one of my main aims as I have around 9 WIP (works in progress) on the go and have slight concentration and attachment issues with some of them.  By that I mean instead of finishing these I refuse and start two more projects in the vain attempt to justify that in fact I don’t need to finish those other ones because I now have two new ones.


Il soon be adding all my current projects as this will hopefully give me to focus to finish and complete them. But until they are complete I won’t be starting any new ones, this doesn’t mean that I can’t make a list of all the new things I want to make, which is what I have done.


Now to my all-important yarn! I’ve been reading that a lot of people are not buying yarn this year, I shall be doing the opposite yay! I aim to increase my stash with indie hand dyed yarn and a lot of pretty colours,

So, to round my first blog off I’ve decided to pick a word for the year, I’ve been watching allot of YouTube podcasts lately I didn’t there was so many amazing craft crochet and knitting podcasts out there and I’m really spending a lot of my time on YouTube yet again but this time instead of finding crochet tutorials I am watching other people discus their passions and drooling over amazing hand dyed yarn and projects.

Anyway, back to word of the year which is


Kind of cheesy but it is the word that has come to mind relating to my crochet I want to aim for everything I’ve been thinking about and this blog post is defiantly the first step in my aspirations.

Thankyou for reading ! xx


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