Enjoying Creativity

Enjoying Creativity

Hello everyone sorry I’ve not been as active on my blog as id have liked to be, being crafty working full time is my life these days.

This little post is about how I get inspiration from things and why I crochet along with a little bit of advice about how you get an idea and then it becomes a project!

There are many reasons why I enjoy being creative and my favourite creative craft now is crochet. Overall the process of doing something on yourself and the accomplishment of making something is one of the biggest positives for me. I defiantly use it as a form of relaxation and therapy in my sometimes-stressful life, this is probably something many people can relate to.

I think everyone is creative in one area of their life it doesn’t have to be crochet could be any sort of craft or hobbies that makes you happy and I defiantly think it’s something that’s important to give time to. The happiness you get from a finished project is awesome but the WIP process is just as joyful.

So, without further waffle Il go into the main areas I think you need to focus on if your wanting to be more creative and eventually create something of your own!

Inspiration – what do you like and by that, I mean what motivates you to be crafty? what gives your ideas? Your favourite pastime, films, activates, friends, shops, colours, wildlife, nature, the list could be endless, I take inspiration from everything, mainly my surrounding and the colours I see! (like my little plants yay)


Patience– endure projects when youve started them remeber theres no timescale! Don’t expect things to happen straight away keep going at it! if it makes you happy just keep crafting. As finished projects can sometimes take a lonnnnnngg time, I have a blanket WIP that was started 3 years ago, yess. So, don’t worry about the finished object enjoy the process.

Practice! I’ve learnt from practice and mistakes to make notes!        Placeholder Image      I have a few little notebooks I also use my phone. I do it when I want to create something new, I usually pick the yarn first, sometimes it’s the pattern first, sometimes it’s a little idea I doodle down, I highlight a crafty magazine There’s never been any Propper routine to how I start or practice something I want to make I always try and keep notes on the way it defiantly gives me a stop point and makes me feel more connected to my projects. My planning process have all come from practice on projects so do what works best for you.

Appreciation! Overall enjoy what your doing when your being creativie and be proud of all your new accomplishments however small.  Don’t compare yourself to others, everyone is different, the brilliant thing about being creative is that it’s a personal journey and you should always acknowledge what you’ve made because it by you and give credit to yourself! YAYimg_20161124_215426_resized

Happy creativenessss !


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