March WIPs…. new colours

March seems to be disapearing through my fingers. And suddenly i have changed my colour pallete to pastels and spring colours compaired to my usuals favs of blues greys and blacks haha. Yet being busy ment less finished projects but many more patterns in my project book for the future!

 This is just a little blog update for current and new projects and advice on timescales.

Ive been busy with work and i knew my crafting would have to take the back seat this month sadly. Yet i have a plan for april ive made a plan for timescales and im sticking to it.  I dont know about other people but i usually have problems with timescales but my new train of thought is as follows-

Dont let a time scale take the fun out of the craft process ( craft is my relaxation therapy so its my first bit of adivce. 

Second dont look at the full project take a few rows at a time do so many a night then before you know it youll be nearly finished. (Something i used to focus on was the whole crochet project now i think of 2 or 3 rows and make them perfect then take a step back after and i feel loads better).

And finally try not to worry about timescales! If your like me who doesnt sell her projects and many of the things i make are for myself family or friends there isnt really a need for a strict timescale. Maybe in the future il have a little crochet busness and will have to be more focused on time, but for now im enjoying being creative and crafty. 

Anyway now for the serious stuff which you came to look at my crochet projects. 

New projects 

Socks! While i know how to knit i never actually knit ! Until i took the fancy to knitted socks this month and im so glad i did its definatly a learning curve to my usual crochet hooks. Im following winwick mums basic sock pattern which i found on ravelry. Im still on my first sock but im hanging in there and hope i dont get second sock syndrome!. 

Little flower tea coster ! Something i made with old drops cotton i think its a pattern from bella coco you can find her on youtube here. Long story short when i was tidying found the half finished flower and finished him off now its my fav coster for my teas so small progress there i suppose 🙂 

Main WIP 

The Peacock tail bag is very nearly finished just waiting for the delivery of my strap and then il be linning it straight away. Its taken me quite a while and now i feel like im delaying the process because ive enjoyed making it too much! That and i want to make sure its perfect because its going to be my new bag . Ive been updating progress on my instagram joldaybird if youd like a closer look. 

Next month il be planning more crochet WIP blogs and a yarn stash blog will be on its way next week yay


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