Hand dyed yarn (Harry Potter stash) 

Hello and welcome to a new part of my monthly blog posts the….Stash update!

blue speckles (by yarnylove etsy)

This is defiantly one of my new favourite posts and il be doing it on a monthly basis. I haven’t found one person who knits crochets weaves or spins who doesn’t like looking and buying yarn! recently it has become my favourite pastime I really do love the textures and colours people create independently in their own homes (how cool).

One of my 2017 plans in my crafty life was to upgrade my wool and get different types to use. I think its brilliant how you can have a totally handmade item and can source all the products you use too.

So my first bit of advice would be Etsy get on there and look at all the hand made awesomeness it has to offer.  Since delving into esty and looking at all types of yarn I’ve become slightly obsessed with hand dyed. I’ve found esty good for finding local independent crafts designers of many things not just yarn but crochet hooks and stitch markers, along with some patterns. I love the idea of something being made as a one-off ball of yarn just for me and my projects! I think its no surprise how lovely these hand dyed items are and it amazing how people can make such brilliant things along with all the time and effort that goes into these it’s a real treat when you receive them.

wp-image-1863308448jpg.jpgThe Grim (norahgeorge)

The colours were defiantly the thing that sold me on the ones I’ve purchased these past couple of months. Don’t get me wrong I’m still a big fan of acrylic but the hand dyed harry potter theme yarns and the blue speckled yarns just called to me.
So, what am I going to make out of all this stash? well i have so many projects in my mind but so little craft time at the minute which breaks my heart 😣I’ve got a few ideas maybe a crochet hat? At the minute, I’m enjoying looking at all my yarn slightly weird I know. I think it’s nice to be able to update your yarn within your own budget and these are not things will be buying regular which I suppose makes them more special.


I have got a few recommendations for places to get yarn from on a lower budget basis. I find a lot of the best buys seem to be online or randomly Aldi! But they only have offers not a regular basis.

Instagram is defiantly my port of call for yarn and I seem to stalk people on there for updates (I’m not sorry). I’ve found that a lot of independent craft people and yarn dyers post information about shop updates special offers, prizes and many more things mainly through Instagram, so did advise to get following people shops you like the look of on here.

wp-image-1111369908jpg.jpgBelow are a few of my fav yarn dyers and shops at the minute there’s so many to pick from so I’ve tried to give a bit of a selection of the people i have recently bought from, its not in any sort of order.

Just to name a few il be adding more to this list every month so stay tuned. Thanks for reading


6 thoughts on “Hand dyed yarn (Harry Potter stash) 

  1. I am a total yarn addict!! I love just looking at my yarn too and trying to decide what I will turn all of those lovely skeins into! I love all of the colors of your stash! 😀

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  2. I’m with you on the hand dyed yarn! I have used Etsy before but hadn’t thought of stalking indie dyers on Instagram. I’m going to start now. Thank you for the tip!

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