April, sun Craft plans & CALs

This is a bit of a late post for me and my new crochet ideas, march was too busy!  first, I’m sorry! Il try get back on track 🙂

First things first are Finished projects! I’ve got a few too many wips on the go so this month Il be trying to finish as many as possible this is just a reoccurring thing for me I don’t know about anyone else! so many projects so little time. I have finished a pretty puff stitch cowl that I designed myself its much more of an autumn winter kind of thing so Il save the pattern for October time and Il be giving it away free, however we may have some cold days soon it is England after all.

Frostbite puff cowl- because who doesn’t want to make cosy snuggling things when its only just turned spring.

There is sadly not anything else fully finished yet I’ve got a lot of things very nearly close to being finished, like my peacock tail bag and my diamond blanket so hopefully I will have finished object post in May time YAY.  I think what has taken up my time this month is my new favourite pastime of searching for CALs and how they are such a positive part of the crafty community.

So, what is a CAL?

A CAL or crochet along or KAL knit along is a group of people all working the same project/theme/pattern at the same time and pace with a full community of craft people working on the same project/pattern at the same time for a certain amount of time for example so many months or in some cases the whole year!

How does a CAL work?

So, you get the pattern for the crochet along you want to join sometimes paid sometimes free, get the yarn (in some cases it is just a specific yarn you should use and you pick the pattern yourself, or a certain theme to be part of that CAL). This information is usually put at the beginning of the CAL. Once you’ve got everything you need and there is still enough time to be part of the CAL then you can start!

You can share all your progress ask for advice and help and your finished objects with either a #hashtag on Instagram and usually joining the ravelry group or following that person on their blog, some craft magazines also have CALs.  You enter your finished project which relates to the CAL within the time and you’re up to win prizes also! I think the best part of these CALS is that everyone is doing something together and in these crafty community many people don’t realise how much support advice and what an amazing community there is, id defiantly recommend doing one just for the fact of not feeling alone or isolated when crafting the feeling of togetherness from a CAL makes you happy.

Here are some Popular CALs which are happening at the minute which you could join (there are loads up on Ravelry just follow that link and search for CALs)

Stranded podcast Brit Knit Along

Hotel of bees CAL

Inside number 23 harry potter KAL

Best year ever KCAL by tea and possibilities

Remember These can be found everywhere and there’s always one relating to you I mean google ravelry Instagram YouTube podcasts, there’s a vast amount of CALs out there.


These leads to me to one of my current wips! the Hotel of bees it’s a crochet shawl by and the CAL is hosted by Sandra and Sam and the amazing pattern is by Christina Hadderingh. of a spoonfullofyarn. wp-1492687577534.pngI’m finding this project so much fun loving the alteration of different crochet stiches and how the shawl decreases to make a triangle on one side I like a challenge and to develop new skills.

My other current WIP is my star blanket that is a very old project which I have fallen in love with again, its just a simple crochet star in the middle with increases round the side to make a blanket, Bella coco has a good tutorial for this kind of blanket. I love the simplicity and easiness of this project its very relaxing


And finally, a few bits about the future I am hoping to make my own little crochet business and sell a few crochet items and patterns I have in the pipe lines, it will of course be named Twistloopturn, Il be updating you all on this venture next month with hopefully a good bit of advice too 😊

Happy crafting


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