Finished projects! From may to july.

The past months have been very busy meaning I’ve had little time to crochet. This has made me appreciate my craft time much more.

Yet with me not doing a blog post in a while it looks like I’ve finished a lot of things all at once now I’ve listed them here for you YAY.

These past few months have defiantly been about the CALS which I love I’ve also been aiming to finish all my current projects and start a few new ones too! As I’ve decided take part in the crochet circle‘s #festifval of finishing which you can find on instagram.

Which is a CAL that ends beginning of September where you are only allowed to work on projects which you have neglected and forgotten about perfect for me! if you are wanting to read more about this CAL head on over to crochet circle podcast its defiantly worth a watch.

Ive finally finished my hotel of bees cal too this crochet along hosted by betsymakes and sandrapaul of cherryheart.

wp-image-51251829i found the pattern a good way to get better at some corchet stitches i dont often use, and also good practice in reading patterns properly which is something that i dont do much of either.

20170608_112504I also finished my star blanket this isnt really any pattern instead was jsut a way for me to use some scrap yarn up its nice simple pattern that you can do while watching telly or half asleep another reason i thin k ive finished it with how hectic life has been alately.




And my peacock tail is finally finished so happy I decided after a disastrous attempt of sewing a lining in that I don’t want my bag to be lined but I have ordered a button to sew on the top so my bag closes, for the time being it is being used as a shopping/work bag which I love as my normal bag is a little one anyone only just fitting my purse and diary in.


My current WIPS include some crochet socks! and many other bits and pieces with some stuff which i hope you will find interesting, coming up in the next few blog posts. Now i have seriously got my crochet mojo back and im feeling brilliant about it.

(below my half finshed crochet sock more info in next blog post)

Thanks for reading guys will be posting very soon.



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