My name is joanne, a lover of crafts especially crochet,

I’m from Yorkshire and take inspiration from everything around me, blues and greys always seem to come into my colour pallet tho.

You can find me on my instagram as joladybirds and on ravelry

Crochet was something i started doing seeing pictures of crochet blankets and falling in love i took the leap of faith bought some cheap yarn and crochet hooks andi taught myself with the help of YouTube and books around 3 years ago.

Which is were the name of this blog has come from, twisting your yarn looping it over the hook and turning your work were always things i would end up saying repeatedly to myself in my head but usually out loud !

This was again something i began to repeat to others when my sisters and mum wanted to learn crochet also, so i think this blogs name which i want mainly to be about craft and crochet could not really be anything else.

(please note picture is of a dumpling kitty pattern i made by Sarah Sloyer. )